7 years past from 311 disaster in this year, it began to hear that a little restored and firmed sound from the suffered area gradually. In the meantime, the town of Onagawa attracted many attentions as a first restored runner. The town was almost changed anew and it doesn’t have any images for the past days. However, there was a relationship between India and Onagawa on going. Here, we would like to look back it on this year each.

  • Mr. Raji Kumar Shrivastva, Head Mission of Deputy, who was dispatched to Embassy of India, Tokyo by the government of India, came to Onagawa on the 11th of March insted of H.E. Mr. Sujan Chinoy, Ambassador of India for Japan for the first time . He acted as a replesentative person of the Republic of India and expressed his deeply regret to all victims in the disaster with offering flowers to the alter. In the meanwhile, he took a look Seapal-pier Onagawa, eki-mae shopping mall and Onagawa-cho Machinaka Kouryuukan hall which was the place to be held Namaste India in Onagawa-cho a.k.a Namaste Onagawa. And also he enjoyed having a lunch and shopping at Hama-terrace Onagawa which was opened in Seapal-pier Onagawa last year.
  • On the 4th of May, Namaste Onagawa was held in Onagawa-cho Machinaka Kouryuukan hall. The 3rd time of Namaste Onagawa, it was held in May every year since the 2nd time then, it is fixing to became as an annual event in Onagawa Town. And also many tourists gathered there. Because Onagawa Kumano and Hakusan Shrine’s annual Festivals are going on the 3rd of May as well. On that time, the town of Onagawa, which was almost rebuilt the center area especially, focus on making the population of the tourist increase now, and Namaste Onagawa regards as attributing it in that point. Hoping to keep on going to be an anual event of Onagawa which everyone can enjoy from now on.

On the 29th and 30th of September, “the 26th Namaste India 2018” which was the original event of Namaste Onagawa was held in 3 days at Yoyogi park event place as usual. Onagawa House was organized there and it was getting popular for selling and dealing the Onagawa Special Brands “Again Onagawa” products. However, we had to be closed on the last day in that afternoon a little bit earlier in this year due to Typhoon and Bad weather. Eventually, we miss a chance for selling goods. So it was regrettable. However, Singing, Eating, Being, Dancing “Namaste India” you can check and enjoy this short movie out here. And the 27th Namaste India 2019 will be held on Sat. & Sun., the 28th and 29th of September. Please check the website out in the details.

  • On the 20th of October, the 2nd Society for India and Onagawa was held in Shibuya Campus, Kokugakuin University, Japan. The speaker were Ms. Hiroko Naghama, Mr. Kenichiro Hiramoto and Dr. Hemant Sharma performed his specialized yoga demonstration at the end. Though the Society for Onagawa was begun by these keywords, “India” and “Onagawa”, it was the second time to be realized. but it likes “Little and often fills the purse”, we felt firmly.

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