Past 3 years on that day, The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi of the Republic of India came to Japan at the first time on August, 2014. He had some meetings which are variety of levels and fields with the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe. And then, The government of India decided to hold “Indian Festival in Japan” from October of that year to May of next year as a evidence of friendship and for the purpose of promotion of mutual cultural, international understanding and mutual interchange.

At the same time, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa heads towards implementation to realize that the visiting of Onagawa and the holding that festival by “Manipuri Dancing Troupe” which was one of Traditional Indian Dancing Trope, it was delivered one among four by the Government of India, in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture in which was engaged in disaster relief and finding missing persons before.

Manipuri dancing is a glitter one. That is why it called “The Jewel of India”. It was performed in different five places, Nara, Tokyo, Onagawa, Sendai and Yokohama. The audience of each place was attracted by their performance.

To Support for reconstruction of Tohoku “Manipuri Dance Performance in Onagawa” which was taken the top news headline, “Encouraged Onagawa by The Jewel of India”, of influential local newspaper, “Kahoku Shinpo” begun at 7:30 pm in the gymnastic hall of Onagawa municipal elementary school, Miyagi prefecture on the 16th of October, 2014.

H.E. Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa was taken a lecture of the situation under the March 11th disaster from the local hire taxi driver. And Ms. Tsuchiya who is an official interpreter of Ambassador interpreted it from Japanese to English.
After praying for the Wooden Buddha Statue called “Sakura Jizo” which dedicates at the Shogen-ji temple in Onagawa, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gpalan Wadhwa taken another lecture from Ms. Hiroko Shimanuki who was a main member of the party of Onagawa’s Cherry Blossoms Protection with picture‐story show.
At the main shop,”Mangoku no Sato” of Onagawa Fish-cake TAKAMASA Co.Ltd, We had a lecture of the March 11th disaster from the shop chief, Ms. Sato with baking a bamboo shape fish cake by ourselves.
At the room of the Onagawa Town Mayor, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gpalan Wadhwa made a courtesy call on the Onagawa temporary Town Office on the 16th of October, 2014. She had a official meeting with Onagawa Town Mayor, Mr. Yoshiaki Suda. He mentioned her that the gratitude for sending NDRF, being delivered relief supplies from India to Onagawa immediately, and also current status and issues of the Onagawa’s reconstruction.
H.E. Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa is offering with flowers and giving her silent prayer to the cenotaph , “the wooden memorial of March 11th disaster”, where is located in the parking of Onagawa Municipal Hospital. Even it is about 14m high above the sea level there, but the massive tsunami came over and many people lost their lives.
At the Onagawa Junior High School, H.E. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa took a look the stone monument, “Onagawa Saving of Life from the Tsunami”, which was built by Onagawa junior high school students.
At the Onagawa Eelememtary school, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gpalan Wadhwa visited the school and observed their works before her eyes.
At gymnastic hall of Onagawa Elementary School, H.E. Ms. Deepa Gpalan Wadhwa took a photograph with Onagawa local resident who was gathering the show on that day when the Manipri Dance Performance was finished with safe.

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