Past 5 years, this year was started on the anual Memorial Ceremony in March 11th, however, there were some special events, for example, Namasute India Onagawa version etc., and many topics and chances to see in this year. I would like to show you that some most impressive episodes here.

The Memorial Ceremony 2016

女川町追悼式2016/The Memorial Ceremony in Onagawa 2016
(写真:追悼式会場で神田瑞季(右)・祐子(左)母子から絵本を手渡されたシン武官)/(Photo:Capt. Satinder Singh, Defence Attaché was handed the picture book with Miss & Mrs. Kanda,, Mizuki(R), Yuko(L) in the Ceremony Hall)

At first, the Memorial Ceremony on the March 11th, Capt. Satinder Singh, Defence Attaché who was on behalf of H.E. Sujan R. Chinoy, Ambassador of Embassy of India, played a role of an activity of offering flowers as a representative of Republic of India in the ceremony, and here is an special episode which I would like to leave. Miss Mizuki Kanda who was a member of bereaved and also representative of one in this year spoke out her message to all survivors in the ceremony. In fact, though she lost her grandfather, Mr. Akio Kanda, by the Tsunami unfortunately, his body was found by Indian NDRF members! The new fact became clear past 5 years. Then Mr. Singh got to know it. After that, she and her mother, Mrs. Yuko Kanda was closed to him and said “Thank you very much for finding our grandpa.” with deep bow, and then they gave the new picture book which was drew by Miss Mizuki Kanda to him. The book with her autograph sent the library of Embassy of India, Tokyo later on as well with her gratitude.

Namasute Onagawa 2016

ナマステ女川2016/Namaste Onagawa 2016
(写真:まちなか交流館会場前で共演した女川港大漁獅子舞まむしの皆さんとの記念写真)/(Photo:Memorial Photo with Onagawa Port Big Haul Lion Dance Team “MAMUSHI”s performers in front of Machinaka Exchange Hall)

At second, there was held the previous event which was “Namaste India” at Yoyogi Park in September every year in Onagawa in this year, and also there was called “Onagawa House” to be encouraged Onagawa town at Yoyogi Park in September as well. Those were great and grateful. We definitely owe to Mr.Tokio Hasegawa, who is the representative of Non Profit Organization “India-Japan Cultural Relations” in this matter. And Mr. Taichi Watanabe, who was a member of NDRF’s interpreters before, became a program officer of Embassy of India, Tokyo. Celebrated Namaste India in Onagawa the 1st came to an end with great success, I heard. Past 5 years, India and Onagawa’s relationship is getting wider and closer step by step.

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